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Secure & Private Storage

Cryptorian StoragePro is not just an online storage solution. It combines heavy realtime encryption during transit and storage. At all times your data and privacy are protected against prying eyes. Even unauthorized physical access to our systems will only show encrypted data, no traces of our clients. The encryption and hash algorithms we use are AES,Twofish,Whirlpool, SHA512 or a combination where appropriate at the max specifications.

24/7/365 Availability

At any moment you can access your Cryptorian StoragePro account to manage your data. Wherever you are in the world, you only need an internet connection to access your data. Safeguard yourself against disasters, theft, crossing borders with privacy invading procedures or use as a failsafe option.

Privacy & Anonymity Features

- Realtime encrypted storage

At any time you transfer data to your account it is automatically encrypted and stored. For even more security you can always encrypt the data on your system before transfering it to your account.

- TLS encrypted connections

While you access the website and your account you're at all times protected by an active SSL encrypted session. Intercepting the stream will not reveal your data.

- Secure messaging system

This feature allows you to communicate securely with other accountholders. It is a fast method of exchanging messages without leaving the protected environment to use email or any other means of communication.

- Internal filesharing system

Share your files securely with any other accountholder as you wish. You can even set an expiration date on the shared files where they'll become automatically unavailable when date is reached.

- Auto destruction feature

An important feature which completes the control over your own account. You set a special code in your account which you then activate as a final step. It will allow you to initialize instantly the autodestruction of your account. This means all your data is wiped out of the system. It is not possible to recover it anymore or any of the details like it never existed.

- Pro privacy payment methods

Beside the usual payment methods we offer privacy enhancing ways to pay. We feel this is the best way to give more protection to our clients.

- You are in control

It would be hard to find a similar service where your privacy is key and control at your fingertips.

A backup strategy where privacy is key

Important data like sensitive files containing private information, business strategies, financial details, personal pictures and more are an excellent reason to store safely offshore. It is much heard that a harddrive crash or any media crash is rare, but if it occurs then the data loss is on average much more valuable than the hardware itself. In some cases it can be the turning point in a critical situation which might be personal or business.

We're not here to convince you we're the only solution or always the best solution for your needs. What we want is you to consider what would be appropriate in your situation and if our services would fit. You're welcome to contact us for advise and anything else you deem important.

Choose a package which fits your needs

We offer a wide range of packages consisting of the storage quota and term duration. In case you have special needs of more storage or terms please let us know and we'll do our best to tailor a personal offer for you.

Manage multiple accounts through a master account

Perhaps you represent a company, private individuals or you wish to resell the service ? We've designed a master account where you can manage, allocate accounts as you wish. You are free to assign any quota within that of the master account, this includes also any term you wish. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Pricing Individual accounts:

Cryptorian StoragePro 100 MB / 12 months / 29 euro
Cryptorian StoragePro 250 MB / 12 months / 39 euro
Cryptorian StoragePro 500 MB / 12 months / 49 euro
Cryptorian StoragePro 750 MB / 12 months / 59 euro
Cryptorian StoragePro 1000 MB / 12 months / 69 euro
Cryptorian StoragePro 2000 MB / 12 months / 109 euro
Cryptorian StoragePro 4000 MB / 12 months / 159 euro
Cryptorian StoragePro 6000 MB / 12 months / 179 euro
Cryptorian StoragePro 8000 MB / 12 months / 239 euro
Cryptorian StoragePro 10000 MB / 12 months / 269 euro
Custom Requests - Please contact us !

Pricing for Master / Reseller accounts on request.

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